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Connecting Medical Records

This past week I went in search of a physician who could assist me with a cognitive assessment in Nassau County. I reached out to one of my Geriatricians in the county who was immediately able to access my client's records, see his history and refer me to the appropriate Neuropsychologist. While I'm sure connecting records on a national level may be a daunting task - this process worked so expeditiously that I believe if implemented throughout the medical community nationwide - we could achieve better communication and quality of care. The hospital involved was NYU Winthrop and perhaps their infrastructure could be reviewed to see just how this works. In my fifteen years of caring for families here at ADRC - the disconnect between medical professionals has always been an issue - it seems often times the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing - and that can get patients into "trouble." I've been saying for years that the medical profession has to speak to each other and I've now witnessed firsthand how successful that process can be.



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