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Encourage more collaboration efforts between various research groups.

There are no trials in my area, so Trial-Match directed me to online studies. I have participated in all that I could - 3 or 4. They all ask for some medical history and lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise, smoking) information, and then I complete memory tests. I have noticed that between studies they don't all ask for the same information regarding medical history or lifestyle. Since these are so important to disease risk, it would seem to me that they could increase the numbers of participants by expanding their surveys to obtain deeper insight into medical and lifestyle contributions to health or disease. For example, I was asked in detail about vitamin supplements in one study but not another. Similarly, I was asked to check off health concerns for one study that did not list my main health problem. In the end, if their focus is on the effect of exercise, that could easily be extracted from the surveys if they have asked for enough information in the first place.



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