Raising Awareness

Facilitate Alzheimers CAREGIVER support group within faith based facility

As an advanced practice nurse trained in dementia symptoms, I am a volunteer facilitator of caregiver support groups. A local facility hosts our meetings in a peaceful Chapel with comfortable seating, tables, refreshments. I direct the conversation allowing each one to express their mental health issues and problem solve ADL issues. Participants care for their parents, spouses, and adult children. I refer each participant to NIH or NIA for updated accurate information on disease progression. I correct many misconceptions about Alzheimers Disease and other related dementias by reviewing current scientific literature through credible sites (Pubmed). The UK and Australia have excellent dementia information/ideas. The groups are growing and now I am receiving referrals.

respectfully submitted,

Donna B LeBlanc, MSN, BC-FNP

Presbyterian Village Board Member

Little Rock, Arkansas


Idea No. 111