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Hodges' Care Domains Model

Hodges' model is a generic framework that facilitates problem solving, assessment and reflection. Developed in healthcare the model can help support person-centered care, holistic care - that is paying attention to mental AND physical health, the need for integrated care.

The model can be used by one person or a group on a flipchart, paper... for brainstorming. The model's four care domains includes a POLITICAL and SOCIAL domain and so from the outset can capture and present the person and their choices, capacity, consent and the carer's and family's journey.


The model is free, open and easy to learn and apply.

A template is freely available, as is a blog "Welcome to the QUAD" with a bibliography.

The model can be used directly as a structure on paper, or as a tool for when thinking about a situation.


Peter Jones - a community mental health nurse for older adults is happy to respond to any questions.


(Best wishes with your initiative.)


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