Raising Awareness

Marketing tactics: Building audience trust

The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer results state that more than 50% of global survey respondents say individuals are more believable than institutions. For the first time in history, "A person like you" was ranked as credible as a technical or academic expert on any given topic, and more credible than a CEO or government official.


What does that mean when marketing to audiences to encourage them to participate in clinical trials? Have the ask come from "real" people who have actually participated in clinical trials that can speak to their experiences in them -- "spokespersons," if you will. Also feature spokespersons across a variety of ages and ethnicities so that audiences feel more connected to those they relate well demographically.


Also, too often people associate the words "clinical trial" with visions of being uncomfortably poked and prodded, so putting a human connection in there might alleviate some of those fears, as well.


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