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My dissertation: identifying multi-level factors affecting ADRD clinical trial enrollment

The goal of my dissertation is to identify the policy, system, organizational, and personal factors that facilitate, bar, and motivate ADRD community members to participate in clinical trials. My first stage is establishing a community advisory board comprised of ADRD professionals (clinicians, investigators/research assistants, and advocates) and people with ADRD and their care partners (including Black/African-American individuals, who are more likely to be diagnosed with ADRD but less likely to participate in clinical trials) to collaborate and create interview protocols and analysis of findings. The second step is to interview dementia professionals to identify policy-, system-, and organizational-level factors affecting ADRD clinical enrollment (e.g. exclusion criteria, communication and outreach with health- and social-sector organizations and community members, role design, office hours, etc.). The third step is to interview dyads of people with ADRD and their care partners to identify their ability to and predisposition towards participation in clinical trials. The last step is to craft recommendations that research organizations can use to facilitate ADRD community members' motivations to participate in clinical trials. Please get in contact with me if you are interested in learning more about my dissertation at



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