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Nationwide Campaign to Incentivise Lifestyle Change As a Way to Thwart AD

Incentivise participation in a nationwide campaign research study (involving all forms of national, regional and local media) by offering the most researched and science based lifestyle programs to potentially thwart the disease. Provide participants with in-depth, diverse, whole body health knowledge as part of study participation agreement. Engage community involvement, i.e. churches, community organizations, health clinics, schools, social groups, gyms, etc. As an example Dr.Dale Bredesen (Buck Institute), has studied multiple factors that specifically have beneficial effects on AD. These lifestyle factors spill over into overall good health effecting most all disease states. Participants become motivated, educated, and healthy, while providing valuable research data. Make participation desirable, a popular way of making a difference, to science and to oneself, by making media ads provocative, time-sensitive, portraying a national responsibility, etc.



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