Raising Awareness

Optimizing recruitment and building relationships with ageing participants

The need to find more qualified participants of all backgrounds and ages is critical to the outcome of any clinical trial. As noted elsewhere expense is an issue. Distance driving is a big stumbling block to participation. Our local senior center is a tremendous group of those who have cared for, currently care for or are experiencing a slow decline in cognitive skills. I am a former mental health counselor and I have MCI due to a brain surgery and subsequent shunt surgeries, with a missing/ malfunctioning shunt. I always want to provide information to help those that follow. Certainly there are those at local senior centers in Northwest Florida and among the larger group of "snowbirds". I wish there was a way I could go beyond Ft. Walton Beach or Pensacola to participate in clinical studies. There needs to be a way to provide transportation for a qualified individual to report to a place conducting such research. A reimbursed Uber or Lyft ride? A small van or volunteers from the hospital or research facility? My neuropsychologist was fascinated after my testing and wanted me to participate in a study he is involved with locally. I spoke with the lead and she said they were still setting up, about a year ago. Perhaps funding is an issue. If there were more online questionnaires to help from home or telephone interviews that would be an ideal way to allow those with a strong urge to help those facing the prospect of the debilitating effects of Alzheimer's. Like breast cancers and other cancers, we all know or have know someone with dementia, Alzheimer's or cognitive impairment due to brain injury. Myself with surgery, or my brother after a car accident, there are many people you wouldn't suspect with TBI facing a fearful future. Step forward and ask at your volunteer organization, church, neighborhood organizations, work and social circle. What could we do, at our local level, to bring patients and studies together in a useful way? How many of us could or will find ourselves in the same category. It is not a planned event. Plan ahead to improve treatments.


Idea No. 186