Enhancing Study Site Capacity

Problems with recruiting and keeping participants in ALZ trials

Why is it hard to recruit for Alzheimer's studies? There has been no positive track record in finding a cure. That's why. As a Generations Study participant, I spend time driving in traffic to my study site. I get prodded and poked, injected, and cognitively tested. I do not believe that I will benefit from this study, and I am not naturally altruistic. I signed on because I love my children and grandchildren. Some of the cancer studies have had successes and there is hope. Hope goes a long way in attracting people into the studies. Get something to work. That's a solution for getting more participants.


Let up on some of the rules. Except for the 4/4 thing, you have to practically be a perfect specimen to participate. Not everyone has a significant other, hovering over their activities. Review the study partner rules. That's an easy one. You'll get more involvement if you lighten up.


How do you keep us in the study? Be organized. Be on time. Please get the Reaction Diary to work correctly. My time is valuable, especially after discovering that I am 4/4. I can get impatient and cranky, but I am always treated with kindness at my study site. I wouldn't want to bail out on them.



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