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I am a runner and would like to see more information in our pre-race events about Alzheimer's. Runners take care of themselves physically. Adding to this base knowledge and understanding the health of the brain makes for better health. I am also an employee of Banner Alzheimer's Institute and I read the book "Still Alice". Alice, a highly intelligent women and a runner, was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer's Disease. A complete shock for her, her family, and the community. This diagnosis impacted her on all levels of her life. In sum, it is important that runner's understand the brain, not only for their personal sake, but those they love or those whom they know may be affected by this disease.


I have established contact with Clark Draney, VP Partnerships REVEL Race Series, 801-971-2950, clark@brooksee.com He is ready to work with us. 🙂



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