Developing Data, Tracking Progress

Start collecting data of family groups with dementia in the family

My Mother was diagnosed with dementia 7 years ago. Her mother had dementia as did all her mother's 10 siblings. My Grandfather on my paternal side had dementia. I was 31 years old when my Mother was diagnosed and started looking for a study that wanted to look at younger people who didn't show signs of dementia, but had a history of dementia in their family, but I haven't found one yet. I have dementia on my maternal and paternal sides and I am highly motivated to be a part of a long term study of how the brain changes over time. My siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins are all motivated to help with a study that looks at how dementia starts to form at an earlier age and how to catch it before it's in mid to later stages. Most studies I find are for people that have been diagnosed with dementia, but I can't find any that are looking at studying people that may be developing dementia. My family is the perfect example of having people willing and ready to be a part of a study that can't find a study that is looking for us. There are dozens of us, waiting as a collective group, to help in the eradicating of dementia.



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