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Tag along Health Record (ipad, chromebook, like devices)

With most providers utilizing several different electronic health records and results from visits not share in the appropriate time frame. Or one shared patient portal related to his/her Alzheimer appointment. Recently has to take my family member to an urgent care facility as her PCP doesn't have weekend hours and we were at this appointment for five hours. My family member was severely dehydrated and required an IV to administer fluids. Meanwhile, so many vitals were taken along with blood work. This facility is not associated with her PCP so they will not receive any notes from her illness from that day. Then falls on the family to try and speak the language to what was completed in that visit. If we had some device that each facility could load that date of service, we would have that live, up-to-date related illnesses or concerns documented. And the device could be a tracking for the family/caregiver to document concerns/illness that may lead to an office visit or hospital stay.



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