Raising Awareness

Use Facebook Ads to reach adult children with local Clinical Trial opportunities

Facebook advertising has been used very effectively by our small biotech company, Tetra Discovery Partners, to recruit healthy elderly volunteers to test a memory drug. Older adults are among the fastest growing users of Facebook, and they click at a higher rate than young people. An advertising campaign with genuine and compassionate messaging will fill the funnel with interested families. (Cliched stock photos and poor wording will be a turnoff). Adult children will use the web to check out the sponsor or trial details. Link the ad to an online prescreening landing page, and set up the technology to have "a person with a kind voice" (direct quote from a focus group) call the interested adult son or daughter within five minutes. Research shows the longer it takes for a call back, the more interest wanes. This model is completely do-able.


Idea No. 136