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Use a technology that helps them remember what information they need to know

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Most Alzheimer patients can be helped when they hear the same information multiple times. There are multiples ideas about what needs to be done. However, there is a solution out there that is built already called VoixRx and it can used and built on.

One of the main causes is that their short-term and long-term memory capabilities have been altered. It has been shown that they tend to remember more when they listen to the same information multiple times. Technology can be utilized to help them listen to important medical information and also being able to hear it as many times as possible. VoixRx is a new software that has been designed to accommodate and help patients with compliance. Alzheimer patients and their caregivers can benefit from this service because it is comprised of two platforms: a web-based platform for providers to generate those information and a mobile-based platform for the patients to listen to those information. The system has many other features that can help the caregivers track multiple aspects of their patients' health conditions.



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