Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

physician/patient communication regarding study participation and relevance of mmse score

When dementia is suspected, the physician has a set of routine questions that he asks and then assigns a score (mmse). The physician needs to convey that this is a standard test routinely given and repeated to determine progression of the dementia. He also needs to state that the score is an important part of the criteria for acceptance into clinical trials (His help in finding a trial would also be appreciated). My husband and I made it quite clear that he was interested in participation in clinical trials. We even traveled to a neurologist over 300 miles away (in a major research area) with hopes that he could become part of a clinical trial. Routinely the only help received from physicians was to go to clinicaltrials.gov web site. It was not until on our own, while exploring various trials on the web site that we became aware of the relevance and importance of the mmse score to being admitted into a study. This was important information that should have been conveyed to us by the neurologist especially since he was aware of my husband's scores. Ultimately my husband was not selected for any of the studies (although we visited some sites).



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