Raising Awareness

publicizing information

People are afraid of dementia. They don't know how to handle it. It also makes them feel like they don't want to see their loved ones in this condition. They don't understand it. No one tells anyone about it. We have a support group at the Assisted Living where Mom lives.

I see and hear them when they first come in. Mom's minister called me and it was happening in his family and his own kids would not go to visit their grandmother, they were afraid. On any day you go there, you can count the visitors on one hand. That tells you how people feel about it. Word has to get out about what it is, what we can do to help, testing, studies, exercise and food, Early Onset testing for the gene, which I don't have. I did that testing. What can cause dementia, slips and falls, concussions, head injuries, meds, strokes etc. I never hear anything about it on TV, radio. We do have an author that is writing articles in my local paper about it.


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