Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness

How can we raise awareness about and encourage participation in Alzheimer's research?

Goal: Empower people from diverse communities -- those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, their families and caregivers, healthy adults, clinicians, businesses, workers, and the general public -- to participate in research.

Ideas in this area might address:

  • What messages and education about clinical studies and research participation are needed to engage a variety of audiences
  • Where it would be helpful to deliver messages and education
  • How to best connect/match participants with research
  • How to better use technology and social media to facilitate participation
  • How to engage health care professionals to inform patients about research participation
  • Role of funders, organizations, policymakers in implementing

Raising Awareness

Create global recruitment villages

Facilitate the emergence of a federation of self-organized online recruitment communities (i.e., digital villages, disease forums). Develop effective partnerships between research centers and social media companies. Machine-learning algorithms could use social media data to identify potential research participants and concerned family members, with great care regarding privacy concerns and garnering proactive consents.... more »

Raising Awareness

Provide logistical and financial support to physicians for communication about dementia and research

Examine ways to provide logistical and financial support to primary care physicians and their practices so that assessments, discussions, and care of patients at risk for dementia or with cognitive impairment or dementia can be enhanced. Work with the National Quality Forum and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to see how to embed facilitating research recruitment as care quality criteria within ongoing,... more »

Raising Awareness

Address potential concerns regarding the disappointing outcomes of past trials

To add to the excellent ideas presented thus far, I would suggest considering the possibility that some prospective participants may have lost hope, having seen the outcomes of prior trials. I would not be contributing this idea if I agreed with that point of view; however, I think it may be important to acknowledge that disappointments have occurred, and provide an explanation of why it is believed that future trials... more »

Raising Awareness

Ms. Holly

The rural communities and health car professionals and need to work together better to have a understanding of the Alzheimer

and dementia diseases and behaviors to gain better care and facilities that do not put all levels of disease in one place !!!

A good example of a facility that has this in place is the Masonic home in Elizabeth town, PA>