Developing Data, Tracking Progress

Developing Data, Tracking Progress

How can we measure progress in Alzheimer’s research recruitment?

As the Alzheimer's research community explores and implements enhanced strategies for recruitment, how can we develop consolidated and localized data on recruitment for Alzheimer's studies, track progress in recruitment and retention of study participants, and tailor strategies based on that data?

Ideas in this area might address:

  • Meaningful measures of community engagement
  • Approaches to measuring return on investment (ROI)
  • Indicators of effectiveness for recruitment strategies
  • Recruitment data sharing and harmonization

Developing Data, Tracking Progress

Create a national, regional, or local recruitment infrastructure to track volunteers

Create a national, regional, or local recruitment infrastructure that enables tracking of research-ready volunteers, via registries and other consented sharing mechanisms. Bring together trialists and research sponsors (e.g., foundations, governments and industry), facilitated by additional experts like industrial engineers and implementation scientists, to discuss recruitment practices with regard to standardized and ...more »


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