Optimizing NIA’s Eureka Prize Competition Topic

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Caregivers need better transfer technology to make ADLs faster/safer for dementia patients

Suggestion category: Low-cost innovations to improve AD/ADRD care. Reason for entry: While the "ideas" site is for RFIs about the best ways to structure and frame the NIA's Eureka grant, this "application-like" idea attempts to motivate the NIA to focus the grant on gaps in assistive technology which make care giving challenging and unnecessarily costly. Drug therapies and more recently Internet-based information systems ...more »


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Building Relationships with Local Communities

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Employ Local VA Medical facilities

The VA provides 1741 domestic medical facilities with some degree of mental health and/or primary care provided to veterans and qualifying family members. Eight conditions are targeted in Mental Health, but not Alzheimer's. However, screening for dementia is offered, so could be a tapped as a source of recruitment for research. A cursory review of the attached report appears to include any efforts aimed at a large population ...more »


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Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

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Improve the health literacy skills of research teams

Clear communication through the best evidence-based practices of health literacy are critical to the success and sustainability of clinical trials and science in general. The vast amount of focus in the field of health literacy has been on identifying deficits of health literacy in the general population. However, increasingly the field is waking up to the reality that barriers are set by health professionals - including ...more »


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Cultivating Recruitment Science

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Create an Online Compendium of Recruitment Best Practices

With each successful clinical study recruitment effort, the lessons learned should be added to a national list of best practices. The same goes for unsuccessful recruitment efforts in discovering what did not work and why. These best practices must be shared online in a way that is easily searchable (e.g. recruitment promotion, study materials, phone screening, etc.) so that study teams can create their plan using the ...more »


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