Optimizing NIA’s Eureka Prize Competition Topic

Patient-Friendly Search Tool to Find Azheimer's Clinical Trials

Currently, Clinicaltrials.gov is the database featuring all clinical trials. Unfortunately, it is written in clinical-speak, making it hard to locate and detemine what clinical trials are available for participation. I suggest a simple app be created that combs the Clinicaltrials.gov database for recruiting trials based on the stage of Alzheimer's disease. This would expedite the search and allow patients and caregivers... more »


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Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

Create a dedicated Alzheimers trial databank!

A dedicated databank should be created for those interested in Alzheimers trials. If the program could incorporate data mining, where information entered by the neurologist could instantly exclude people from certain trials but include them for others. If the program could, instantly, populate a list of possible trials in which patients met inclusion criteria, then patients and their families could research which of... more »


Raising Awareness

Create & maintain database of patients/family members

Create and maintain a database of Alzheimer's patients and their family members. This will enable researchers to not only contact family with important research results but also to have the ability to follow this disease on a massive scale. Then maybe scientists and researchers will have a better opportunity to find trial participants with documented genetic links to this disease.


Building Relationships with Local Communities

Employ Local VA Medical facilities

The VA provides 1741 domestic medical facilities with some degree of mental health and/or primary care provided to veterans and qualifying family members. Eight conditions are targeted in Mental Health, but not Alzheimer's. However, screening for dementia is offered, so could be a tapped as a source of recruitment for research. A cursory review of the attached report appears to include any efforts aimed at a large population... more »

Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

Explain Trial Clearly

I’ve signed up for several sites that match researchers to willing participants, and I mark the type of trial I am interested in. But they contact me about a variety of trials that don’t apply to me instead. Sometimes a trial seems to apply to me, but after applying to be in the trial and submitting all kinds of information, I find a list of requirements that I don’t match. Why not make it clear before the person applies?... more »


Cultivating Recruitment Science

Develop an understanding of why people do and do not enroll and remain engaged in registries

Examine the motivators, barriers, and facilitators to enrolling and remaining in a registry until invited to be considered for a study. Identify methods that influence a registry enrollee to participate in a study, including an analysis of how participants’ cognitive and functional status, demographics and other variables influence their registry behavior.