Optimizing NIA’s Eureka Prize Competition Topic

Optimizing pathways to market using scalable development and deployment methods

Publicly funded academic efforts to research and develop software technologies frequently suffer from the following hindrances to wide market adoption: 1. They result in open source tools which require expertise to install, configure, and use (e.g., see the myriad of open source, complex tools for bioinformatics and genomics, or most python-based solutions). 2. Support and maintenance are often left to the end user,... more »


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Optimizing NIA’s Eureka Prize Competition Topic

Coaching for Advanced Health Care Needs for Decision Making in Alzheimer’s Disease

There is a significant need to support patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and their families with health care planning towards the end of life. Notably, there is a need to provide consistent support and education during the planning process. Health care providers must do more to provide this needed education and support. One such idea is to improve the coordination of care via a high-level education... more »


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Optimizing NIA’s Eureka Prize Competition Topic

The Patient and The Weather

Our group of meteorologists and physicians have been researching the relationship of real-time weather and human health. We have found very strong relationships between several ongoing health concerns. We believe that using wearables, looking at patient databases of actions, medicine use, and emotion, we can co-relate with weather data. With that, we can actually predict some actions of risk. Weather impacts every aspect... more »


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Optimizing NIA’s Eureka Prize Competition Topic

Patient-Friendly Search Tool to Find Azheimer's Clinical Trials

Currently, Clinicaltrials.gov is the database featuring all clinical trials. Unfortunately, it is written in clinical-speak, making it hard to locate and detemine what clinical trials are available for participation. I suggest a simple app be created that combs the Clinicaltrials.gov database for recruiting trials based on the stage of Alzheimer's disease. This would expedite the search and allow patients and caregivers... more »


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Optimizing NIA’s Eureka Prize Competition Topic

Tag along Health Record (ipad, chromebook, like devices)

With most providers utilizing several different electronic health records and results from visits not share in the appropriate time frame. Or one shared patient portal related to his/her Alzheimer appointment. Recently has to take my family member to an urgent care facility as her PCP doesn't have weekend hours and we were at this appointment for five hours. My family member was severely dehydrated and required an... more »


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Cultivating Recruitment Science

Earlier detention of ALZ

The testing that is available presently is for identify mild, moderate, or advanced ALZ. There have recently been limited research to see if the sooner a person is identified and treatment begins the slower the disease progresses.

Need research to develop tests to identify earlier symptoms of the disease.


Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

Create a dedicated Alzheimers trial databank!

A dedicated databank should be created for those interested in Alzheimers trials. If the program could incorporate data mining, where information entered by the neurologist could instantly exclude people from certain trials but include them for others. If the program could, instantly, populate a list of possible trials in which patients met inclusion criteria, then patients and their families could research which of... more »


Enhancing Study Site Capacity

Use Technology to Allow in-Home Study Participation

Many, if not most, folks have access to the internet and can provide their input electronically, provided the study is designed to allow use of multiple platforms and methods. As part of a clinical trial I've been asked to join some cognitive studies on-line. However, the software allows only for touchscreen and apparently doesn't support Mozilla Firefox. A study whose design incorporates a range of input capabilities... more »


Raising Awareness

Create & maintain database of patients/family members

Create and maintain a database of Alzheimer's patients and their family members. This will enable researchers to not only contact family with important research results but also to have the ability to follow this disease on a massive scale. Then maybe scientists and researchers will have a better opportunity to find trial participants with documented genetic links to this disease.


Developing Data, Tracking Progress

Creating a Global Community

My colleagues and I are building a community that supports family caregiving, providing education, support and access to providers. Our members will wear health monitoring bands, so their vitals and those of their charges can be monitored, enabling medical professionals to offer guidance in real time. We will also be collecting the data, scrubbed for HIPAA compliance, to researchers to use for development of cures and... more »


Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

Develop an app to curate all available clinical trials

Develop an app where you currate all of the information related to clinical trials. You can then filter the information by specific conditions, location, etc. Users would sign up for the app by providing information on the patient's situation and the app should be able to match them to available studies. App could be promoted on social media by targeting users of FB based on their age, gender, interests, pages they... more »


Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

Use Cognitive Health Education Tools

Offer evidence based education tools for cognitive health to the public -- most people are naturally curious about their brains, and would appreciate a standardized education/feedback approach to understanding the range of modifiable & non-modifiable factors that can influence dementia risk. Examples include: Health Factors: hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 2, concussion/head injury history, etc.... more »


Building Relationships with Local Communities

Employ Local VA Medical facilities

The VA provides 1741 domestic medical facilities with some degree of mental health and/or primary care provided to veterans and qualifying family members. Eight conditions are targeted in Mental Health, but not Alzheimer's. However, screening for dementia is offered, so could be a tapped as a source of recruitment for research. A cursory review of the attached report appears to include any efforts aimed at a large population... more »


Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

Recruit and engage family members thru use of new FHIR based PHRs

HealthIT policy makers are encouraging the development of apps that allow patients to download all their medical records into one location fully under their control. In January 2019, a law becomes effective that requires healthcare organizations to allow patients to use any app of their choice to download their records. This new technology and law will change healthcare, empowering patients to gather and share their data... more »


Optimizing Clinical Studies Recruitment

A community of spare change investors powering the search for a cure

To motivate participation in clinical research, let's engage the public to become educated and informed partners with a tangible stake in the search for a cure. Taking a page from the fight against Polio, when millions of ordinary Americans became partners in the search for a cure, by mailing in their 'dimes' to fund research, our startup InvestAcure, www.investacure.com, is building an investment platform to enable those... more »